A.NI.M.US. Adriatic IoNIan GaMes for Social InclUSion includes many local events and 5  Info-Educational Events that will take place between May and October 2019.
1. Seminar on sports and physical activities for the benefit of health and dietary behaviors for young and old, with a seminar on the Mediterranean diet The event aims to promote physical activity as a means of improving health, reducing overweight and preventing eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia etc. The workshop highlights the nutritional and health aspects of the Mediterranean diet.
2. Seminar on equality of men and women in sport and through sport The event aims to promote the integration of the principle of gender equality and non-discriminatory roles, women’s access to sport and decision-making positions in sport (with particular attention to candidate and potential candidate countries in the European Union).
3. Seminar on social inclusion in sport and through sport for people with disabilities The event aims to improve infrastructures, structures and sports venues for better accessibility of sport and sports activities for the disabled.

4. Conference for cities of sport and inclusion The event aims to analyze and improve the role of local public bodies in promoting the “sport for all” principle based on equal opportunities. The seminar will present the best actions to connect sports and sectors involved in the issue of social inclusion. It will also promote participation in sport by people from disadvantaged backgrounds by supporting their inclusion in society through sport.

5. Final event / seminar on inclusive sport in the Ionian Adriatic Region (and beyond) and volunteering opportunities The seminar aims to promote the importance of voluntary activities in sport both as a tool for social inclusion and as a means of acquiring the skills and competences necessary for greater employability and cohesion. Furthermore, the event will focus on policies and tools for the promotion of the principle of “sport for all” based on equal access and equal opportunities, intercultural dialogue, through sport, between people from different cultural backgrounds. The event will also coincide with the presentation of the Adriatic and Ionian Guide to Sport for All, one of the products of the project.